Custom domains

Your applications are always accessible from an url provided by AWS, but it is not the most rememberable nor usable one. It will look something like this:


But you can use your own domain or subdomain to access your apps.

Adding your custom domains

Domains are added at the account level and can then be associated with any of the applications that you have in the account.

In your AWS Account dashboard you will see a Domains tab where you will be able to add and delete the domains that you want to have available to your applications.

Wildcard domains

You can add wildcard domains to your applications and make them available to any subdomain covered by the wildcard.

Validating your domains

After you have added a domain to one of your accounts, you need to validate that you are in control of this domain. To do this we will present to you a CNAME record that you need to configure with your DNS provider.

Once the domain has been validated you will be able to link your domain to the your applications.

Linking domains to applications

This is a 2 step process:

  1. In the your application's dashboard look for the Domains section and link the ones you want to use.
  2. Create a CNAME record pointing the domains to their corresponding endpoint. A different CNAME record is required for each domain that you link. You will see the CNAME values in the same Domains section of your applications dashboard.

A domain can only be linked to one application at a time.